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  2. The services established in this contract will apply in Spain, outside a radius of 25 Km from the Insured's habitual residence (15 km in the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands), the European Union (except the United Kingdom) and Mediterranean countries. Excluding cases from abroad for the first thirty days.

      For purposes of the present contract the following definitions apply:
    • Insured vehicles: four-wheel vehicles (with a tonnage when loaded below 3.5 tonnes), excluding those used, even if on an occasional basis, for passenger transport or goods transport.
    • Beneficiaries of the services: people, the driver and occupants habitually resident in Spain, transported free of charge (within the legal limits regarding occupancy capacity and excluding motorways).
    1. Towing and/or emergency repair on road in case of break-down or accident
    2. In cases where it is possible to repair the break-down that has prevented the insured vehicle from continuing its journey by its own means on the road, Abbey Road will bear all the call-out and labour expenses required to perform the emergency repair, provided that the repair can be carried out in 30 minutes or less. Any parts that may need replacement are expressly excluded from this service.

      Should the vehicle be repairable in situ, Abbey Road will bear the expenses, up to a maximum limit of Euro 175.00, for the towing or transport from the site where the vehicle has stopped to the closest garage where the vehicle can be repaired. If the vehicle has stopped within a radius of 50 Km from the habitual residence of the beneficiary, the towing or transport of the vehicle may be made to the garage designated by the beneficiary, up to a maximum amount of Euros 175.00.

    3. Rescue
    4. In cases where a vehicle has to be rescued after overturning or falling, provided that the vehicle has been circulating on ordinary public roads, Abbey Road will bear the rescue costs of the vehicle, up to a maximum limit of Euros 175.00.

    5. Service to the Insured, in case of immobilisation of the vehicle as a result of breakdown or accident
    6. If the vehicle cannot be repaired the same day and it the estimated repair time is over 2 hours, according to chart, Abbey Road will organise a stay in a hotel to wait for the repair and will bear the actual expenses incurred up to a maximum of Euros 90.00 per day and per beneficiary, with a limit of two days per beneficiary.

      Abbey Road will likewise proceed to the transfer by taxi of the occupants of the insured vehicle to the hotel where they will be staying or to the vehicle repair garage, only if the immobilisation occurs on the road.

    • Vehicles used, even if on an occasional basis, for the transportation of commercial goods.
    • Restaurant, petrol or gasoline expenses, costs related to vehicle repair or theft of baggage, material, personal belongings or accessories incorporated in the vehicle.
    • Accidents or breakdowns, covered by the present contract, that occur while circulating outside ordinary roads.
    • Claim incidents resulting from wilful fraud of the Insured.
    • Transported commercial goods.
    • Caravans or trailers adapted for the transportation of boats or animals.
    • In case of car theft, no assistance will be provided if it is not reported to the police.
    • Vehicles that have been transformed or modified and that do not comply with the legal regulations established by the Ministry of Industry.
      Risks and damages caused as a consequence of:
    • When the damages covered by the Insurance have occurred as a consequence of drunk driving, or driving after having consumed more alcohol than the levels allowed by the country where the incident takes place, or under the influence of drugs or mood/altering substances.
    • Driving without a permit or licence, or without authorisation from the owner of the vehicle.
    • Participation in races and competitions, and training sessions for these.

  4. SMASA will contact the opposing party's insurance company to claim payment.

    Should the opposing party's insurance company accept the claim incident and the amount to be paid, SMASA will receive the amount paid in compensation and will, in turn, pay it to ABBEYGATE.

    Should the opposing party's insurance company not accept the claim incident and the amount to be paid, SMASA will pass the case onto their lawyers, who will issue a preliminary report advising on the procedure to follow (advisability or not to initiate legal proceedings).

    If ABBEYGATE or the insured decide to initiate legal actions, and choose to be represented by the SMASA lawyers, the pertinent actions will be taken, provided that the estimated costs do not exceed the amount of Euros 3,000.00

    If the cost estimates for the legal proceedings exceed this sum, SMASA will request authorisation from the INSURED for any additional costs.

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